10 dangerous fruits to avoid

Eating fruit is one of the best ways to stay healthy. However, even if the majority of existing fruits have beneficial benefits for staying in shape, there are nevertheless certain exceptions. Indeed, people are less aware of the serious risks that some varieties of fruit long intended for consumption represent. It may as well be common fruits or more exotic fruits. Here is a selection of the ten most harmful fruits to avoid it and to improve your daily health.

1. Apricot: the presence of cyanide in the nuclei

Apricot Seeds for CancerApricot almonds are very popular for their effects against cancer. However, their consumption poses a risk of poisoning. The nuclei contain cyanide causing respiratory discomfort, digestion problems, heart problems, headache, malaise, and dizziness. This is also the case for peach, plum and cherry pits. If you want to consume these fruits, it is advisable to remove the stones or avoid sucking and chewing them.