20 Unbelievable Photos Captured By Drones

Best Drone footage
Here is the very Best Drone footage of terrific scenery and action from around the globe. These top footage really show how beautiful our planet Earth really is.
These professional drone footage also show you 20 Unbelievable Photos Captured By Drones, the real quality of the latest drones which fly exceptionally smooth and film beautifully.


Photographer Bo Bridges has carved out quite a nice career for himself as a documenter of alternative lifestyles and action sports. One of the first to embrace drones as a legitimate means of capturing quality shots, Bridges has used his aerial photography arsenal to prove the bravery of surfers, paddle boarders, and all those who dare enter the waters of Australia. This image, for example, was captured purely by coincidence when Bridges was filming the antics of his paddleboarding buddy Wayne. During the shoot, Wayne, without even realizing the danger he was in, glided his paddleboard towards and over a shark who was going about his business in the water below. Had Wayne been aware of the shark’s presence, it isn’t entirely unlikely that he would have panicked and lost his balance. “Ignorance is bliss”, joked Bridges after the absurdly close call.