fancy yachts and jets owned by celebrities

Tom Cruise – Gulfstream IV, Estimated $36 Million

When you’re as big a star like Tom Cruise, your stardom often takes you to places all over the world. Tom uses this airborne limo, a Gulfstream IV to travel to wherever his career takes him. There is room for 19 other passengers and a crew of 2.
We hope he’s filling the plane with other people, as we’re guessing it might be lonely up there from time to time.

Justin Bieber – Gulfstream G4, Estimated $60 Million

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest singers in Hollywood. The singer-songwriter may only be 24-years-old but has already had a net worth of $200 million.
While he does have a high net worth for somebody his age, it seems like a pretty risky decision to purchase a Gulfstream G4, especially considering the millions he will need to invest in its insurance, storage, and maintenance every year. However, as one of the most sought out celebrities by the paparazzi’s, especially after recently marrying supermodel and daughter of actor Steve Baldwin, Haley Baldwin, we are sure that the pair prefers to fly privately rather than get bombarded in the airport by fans.

Roberto Cavalli – Baglietto Yacht – $40 Million

They say that you can tell a lot about somebody by what their car looks like. If the same is true about yachts, then Italian designer Robert Cavalli is one classy guy. The “Baglietto” yacht is a colorful, custom-built 134-foot long ship with room for 8 guests and a crew of 4.
An unconventional yacht for unconventional fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. Sounds about right.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Topaz, Estimated $1.3 Million Per Week

The “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” star has held quite a few award-winning roles. And with all those awards come fortune and fame. Money clearly isn’t an issue for Leo, seeing though he is building an eco-resort on his own private island. And if you have an island, then it is absolutely necessary to also have a Superyacht.
The two so clearly go hand in hand. Not only did Leo’s island cost him $1.5 Million, but his superyacht also costs an extra $1.3 million to rent for a week. We are sure that the actor learned how to host great parties from his character, millionaire Jay Gatsby, in the Great Gatsby and there is no Better party location than in this 26-cabin yacht complete with three swimming pools, a cinema, and even two helipads.

Michael Jordan – Mr. Terrible, Estimated $47 Million

As the greatest player of all time and a net worth of over one billion dollars, Michael Jordan lives a life of complete and utter opulence. Not only does he own a very enormous mansion in Los Angeles, he also has private jets and this 154-foot yacht. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Terrible is one of the most luxurious yachts that can be found out there on the sea. The yacht can reach a speed of up to 24 knots and has some pretty unique features.
Unsurprisingly, Mr. Terrible is one of the most luxurious yachts that can be found out there on the sea. The yacht can reach a speed of up to 24 knots and has some pretty unique features. For starters, the yacht has an underwater camera, so Jordan and his guests can use it to see what is happening in the waters down below. In addition to that, there is also a bar, an outdoor and indoor dining room with a chandelier, and a beautiful design that was inspired by Art Deco as well as tropical themes. To sum it up, Jordan can afford to pay for the best.

Beyonce’ & Jay-Z – Galactica Star, Estimated $70 Million

Music power duo with a whole lot of talent, Beyonce and Jay-Z rented the yacht “Galactica Star” and fell in love with all 213 feet of the vessel. And if they fell in love, why wouldn’t they purchase this floating mansion with custom-built VIP guest rooms, a beach club, swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, a sundeck and a helipad? And with a separate master suite, it sounds like the most romantic getaway.

This little toy set them back $70 million, plus the cost of insurance and ongoing maintenance fees. But at $900k a week to charter, maybe it’ll be a good investment.

Bill Gates – Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, Estimated $40 Million

It is no surprise that business magnate and founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, has the most advanced jet on our list. It isn’t the most expensive, but it is complete with all the gadgets and goodies that any tech geek would drool over.

The jet has performance-enhancing systems, touch screens, and wireless internet. We also wouldn’t be surprised to find gadgets on the plane that aren’t yet available to the public. To somebody who isn’t a billionaire, $40 million might be a bit out of reach, but for a man with a net worth of $89 billion, Gates could keep buying planes on a yearly basis without noticing the decrease in his bank.

Jim Carrey – Gulfstream V, Estimated $59 Million

Jim Carrey, known for his quirkiness and humor, bought a Gulfstream V which cost $60 million. The Ace-Ventura actor does have a nice net worth of $150 million, but even for him, the price seems a bit steep. He rents it out though for charter services for $8,000 per hour, so perhaps he purchased it as an investment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gulfstream III, Estimated $35 Million

The former actor turned politician bought the Gulfstream III. While serving as the governor of California, he often had to commute between L.A and Sacramento. With enough cash to last a lifetime, Arnold refused his paycheck as governor which was thoughtful on his end but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to save the state from bankruptcy.

Giorgio Armani – Main, Estimated $60 Million

The fashion icon Giorgio Armani’s yacht is the definition of style, which is no surprise. His yacht screams elegance; 210 feet long, it has a gym and a cinema and can host up to 12 of Giorgio’s distinguished guests. He purchased the baby for $60 million which would break the bank of any normal person. But Giorgio is no “normal” person and has a net worth of $8 billion. So, we are sure that his bank account is doing just fine.