23 Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

The search for the fountain of youth usually involves beauty creams and serums that promise to remove fine lines and minimize the appearance of wrinkles overnight. But aging goes far beyond applying a moisturizer before bedtime. The decisions you make in the fashion department can also add unwanted years. But with the right fashion tips – like choosing flattering colors and accessories – you can easily shave off a few years of your look.
Wear Natural Makeup
The biggest way we show our age is through our makeup style because styles have changed so much over the decades. Brush up on the natural makeup look rather than wearing bright colored eyeshadow or lip products.

Keep Your Hair Color Simple

Lightening your hair can be the perfect way to brighten up your face, but avoid going too light. This goes double if you dye your hair too dark. It’s best to leave hair extremes to pop stars.