Here is why you sit cross-legged

Do you always cross your legs when you sit?

A real woman sits cross-legged, or that is what we have always heard. Also, if you’re wearing a dress or skirt and don’t want everyone to see what’s going on underneath, it’s probably best to keep them crossed anyway. But the next time you want to cross your legs, think twice. This apparently has several risks.

A BBC article states that sitting cross-legged is not a healthy habit.

It seems like sitting cross-legged for a long period of time is not the best for you. By crossing one leg over the other and maintaining a long sitting position, your foot or leg will go numb because you are putting pressure on a particular nerve that is behind your knee.

It is also said that crossing your legs can cause temporarily higher blood pressure because having your legs crossed makes the blood go up in the heart. It doesn’t sound like a very healthy habit, does it? You are preventing your blood flow from working properly, which is also why people prone to blood clots are advised not to cross their legs.

Varicose veins
Not only that, but crossing your legs often also causes varicose veins. Because of the pressure you put on your legs, the flexible structure of the vein tightens. This can cause varicose veins. Do not be afraid of varicose veins if you sit just a minute or two with your legs crossed, but if you regularly cross your legs for more than 10 to 15 minutes, the risks increase significantly.

Hips and back
Sitting with your legs crossed is also poor posture and can cause pain in your hips and back. It is important to get up every 30 minutes and walk around a bit – for example, to the office toilet and back. For men, the sitting position with the legs crossed is not ideal because they can pinch their private parts and it is not good for the production of small things that make babies. The best way to sit and keep your back straight, to put your feet flat on the floor and your shoulders back.