Most Hilarious Fishing Photos Ever Caught On Camera

Fishing is a great way to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Although it has an overall calm atmosphere, when you spend multiple hours doing anything, some unexpected situations can occur. Luckily, for us, some of these events have been caught on camera. Here are the most hilarious fishing photos ever caught on camera.
It’s Taunting You

Fishing is not all about catching fish, is it? There’s the R & R factor too. While fishermen (and women) sometimes hold their rods until a fish bites, some like to cast their lines out and rest their rods on stands. This allows hands-free fishing so that you can completely relax at the same time. This time, however, the joke is on the fisherfolk.

This lovely fat fish is having the last laugh, swimming freely between the rods. See you next time, humans!

A Catch Made In Heaven (A mermaid)

This guy is obviously delighted at the huge fish he’s caught. The trouble is, he must have forgotten to bring a tape measure to prove just how big the fish was. No matter. He just asked his girlfriend for help. She must be very obliging because no sooner did he ask. She must have flipped onto her hands (flippers?) and made like a mermaid.

And he’s really pleased because his fish is officially nearly as tall as his own personal mermaid. The perfect catch.

Perfectly-Timed Photo

There’s something fishy about this photograph. It’s actually a hilarious example of perfect timing. Although it’s not a fishing tale, we thought it fishy enough to have a good laugh at. We imagine that a couple went snorkeling somewhere gorgeous to witness the magnificent sights of the undersea world. One of them luckily had an underwater camera to capture the majesty and beauty of the creatures who live in the depths of the ocean, but this funny picture is probably now their favorite.

Who Will Win?

Sometimes fishing isn’t easy at all. It’s difficult enough to get a fish to take your bait, but landing the fish can be difficult, to say the least. Now, look at this guy. He gets kudos for determination, that’s for sure. He looks as if he’s been engaged in an epic battle with the fish for a seriously long time. Those deep skid marks show just how hard this fish is fighting to stay in the water. We’re betting on the fish for a win.

When The Motor Dies

Fishing with your buddies is a great way to spend some leisure time, but it appears that being a buddy can turn you upside down. We imagine this boat’s engine has stopped working. In a valiant, but rather unusual, attempt to right the wrong and get the motor running again, one buddy has upended another to investigate the motor underwater. We wonder how long the guy had to hold his breath for, and if he managed to fix it.

Wedding Day Bliss

Seriously, this one is weird! Who in their right mind goes fishing in their wedding dress? Okay, you might be really into fishing, but in your wedding dress? We’re wondering what if she catches something? She’s not going to be very sweet-smelling for her spouse-to-be, is she? But, we understand. She’s probably just posing for a photograph. Maybe she’s trying to show her dedication to the sport to her future spouse? Whatever, this will probably be one of their most memorable photographs.

Travel Ruler

Lots of people enjoy fishing competitively. That means entering one of the many fishing competitions held around the world every year. The winners are usually those who catch the most fish of a certain type, or the longest fish or the heaviest fish. Therefore, a couple of items of equipment are required: a ruler and a scale. Not a problem for this guy. He simply had a ruler tattooed on his leg, so he never needs to carry one with him.

Fishing Gone Wrong

We love this one. For a moment, it really looks as though a huge fish has swallowed someone wearing wellington boots. And although we’re sure this photo was staged, we admit to being taken in just for a second. Although we don’t know where this was taken and who the comedian who staged it was, we like this for its sheer humor. We’re unsure as to whether the fish ended up on anyone’s plate, though, because of the strange ‘stuffing.’


When you’re fishing, the feeling of actually catching a fish is exhilarating. It’s not as though the fish come leaping out of the water onto your plate. It requires hours of patience, and in the case of trout fishing, expert knowledge about insect hatchings and flies. But as delighted as a guy is at this moment, he’s about to get the fright of his life. The bear thinks that fish has his name on it, and he’s nothing anywhere without it.


When you fish for a living, you get used to the areas in which you fish and to what other creatures inhabit the area. For many around the world, that probably means birds and small animals, but in some regions, it means meeting animals that you want to avoid at all costs. This guy’s making a hasty retreat to the prow of the boat as a crocodile leaps out of the water. Crocodiles kill plenty of humans, so the fisherman’s not over-reacting.